12 best personalized gifts for librarians and library supporters

These library-themed products from Zazzle online store are extremely easy to customize. All you have to do is add your own text!

Are you looking for a library-themed gift that you can adjust to a specific occasion, sense of humor, or taste? You can customize any of the following designs by just adding your own text.

On the web, you can find thousands of products designed to be great gifts for librarians or library lovers. 

The thing is that you may still not find the right one. The fonts are too childish, the colors are too bright, the message is fine… but you would change it a bit.

To solve this problem, I have spent several recent weeks on creating custom library-themed designs that you can quickly adjust to your specific needs. And all you need to do is replace the blank text with your own one.

User customization is one of the greatest things about Zazzle – one of the leading online sites connecting designers and consumers.

On Zazzle, you will be able to quickly change the text and see the product as you would receive it. Obviously, you can pick up a different background color of the t-shirt.

What’s even more important, you can transfer any of these designs to dozens of other products, including personal accessories, different apparel items, or home decor.

All newly added, customized products can be found in this Zazzle collection: Personalized Library Gifts by Geek Updated.

Tip: You can transfer any of these designs to any other product that’s offered on Zazzle. Just use the “Transfer this design” option.

How can I personalize a design on Zazzle?

Many designs on Zazzle can be quickly personalized by replacing a blank text with the one you want.

If this option is available, you will see a large “Personalize” button next to the product image.

When you type the text, it will appear almost instantly on the product image!

Do you want to add your own graphic element, change the font color or size? Just hit the “Edit using Design Tool” button to open a design dashboard.

All the designs in the following list let you quickly replace the text with your own one.

Customized gifts for librarians

The best spot to enjoy life is [personalize] t-shirt

Libraries matter because they make people wiser, healthier, and happier. This cozy, minimalist, lively artwork says: “The best spot to enjoy life is the reading room of my library”.

Not clever enough? Just use the “Personalize” button to start typing your own message. You can change both the beginning and end of the sentence. So, how would you phrase it? ⇢ Customize

Drink coffee and support libraries personalized mug

This modern, college-style artwork says: “Drink coffee and support libraries. They are awesome!”. You can type your text in as many as five areas. Just use the “Personalize” button to start typing.

The design works well on both light and dark backgrounds. Available in five different colors. ⇢ Customize

Urban library support squad t-shirt personalized

Are you supporting libraries and librarians? Now you can express it. This vintage artwork shows an engraved image of a skyscraper city. The text goes: “Urban Library Support Squad”. You can replace both the “library” and “squad” texts. ⇢ Customize

Celebrate [personalize] Day Every Day t-shirt

Celebrate the happy day every day! This vintage artwork lets you express your support for libraries all year long. The text goes: “Celebrate Library Day Every Day.”

The design lets you customize two fields. You can also pick up several colors of the t-shirt. ⇢ Customize

Calm down and [personalize] mouse pad

Can’t find what you are looking for? This cozy artwork comes with handwritten typography that says: “Breathe, calm down, and just ask the librarian”. A great idea for a library supporter or as an accessory for a library’s reading room.

You can customize every single text in this design. The only limitation is your imagination. Start creating! ⇢ Customize

Periodic table of the earth’s most awesome humans : [personalize] t-shirt

Are you looking for a clever way to express appreciation of your librarian? Use “The Periodic Table of the Earth’s Most Awesome Humans.” The only entry in this table is “Lb – Librarian”.

You can customize the text by replacing the abbreviation and profession with the name of your favorite librarian. ⇢ Customize

Silently [personalize] t-shirt

After you’ve silently corrected all the grammar errors around you, it’s time for something new. This cute, vintage artwork says: “Silently making a list of your overdue books”.

There are many ways you can use the “silently” meme on a t-shirt. Got an idea? Just start typing. ⇢ Customize

Library announcement foam board personalized

Are you a fan of a vintage typography? Check out this artwork that sports the 19th century display font and says: “Believe it or not, but in this library, we are using the silence to calm the loud guys down”.

All text fields in this design can be customized so that you can adjust the message to even the most specific needs. A light colored version of this vintage-style typography artwork is also available on Zazzle. ⇢ Customize

All I need is love and [personalize] sweatshirt

Love is the most important thing in life… but sometimes it’s not. This vintage, gothic artwork says: “All I need is love and another reason to go to the library today”. A great gift idea for a library supporter in your life.

Not clever enough? Just use the “Personalize” button to quickly add your own text. You can transfer this design to any other apparel. All you have to do is pick up the right type in the Style section on the right. ⇢ Customize

[Personalize] matter t-shirt

Who or what matters to you the most? Now you can easily express it. This vintage artwork is fully editable. You can place your text in three text areas. Libraries matter, bookstores matter, banned books matter. Act now! ⇢ Customize

Minimalist typography fully customized

Are you looking for a minimalist typography artwork that could be easily customized with a library-themed text you provide? This modern, sleek artwork says: “I’m here, but my mind is still at the library”. You can change it whatever you want, be it a library quote, a name of your favorite librarian, or the name of the upcoming event.

This artwork lets you write down your message in a thin, elegant font, as well as add a background icon, for instance a letter or symbol. ⇢ Customize

Visit a library more than once personalized tote bag

Everybody says: “It’s a good day.” Do the opposite. This cute, positive artwork has a twist. It says: “It’s definitely not a good day to visit a library just once”. Obviously, you can change the message to anything you find funnier, brighter or more relevant. ⇢ Customize

I’m not a librarian [personalize] t-shirt

Librarians are all unique individuals with their own passions, interests, and personalities. This modern handwritten typography artwork provides just one of the many possible descriptions: “I’m not a librarian. I’m just a walking knowledge machine with a built-in snooze button”.

Not funny or clever enough? Use the “Personalize” button to quickly add your own text. There is also a dark-themed color version available on Zazzle. ⇢ Customize

The list first appeared on Reader Updated blog.

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