16 best bookish decorations and ornaments for the 2023-24 season

These little decorations and ornaments are perfect to bring the joy of reading to Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other festive moment in your life.

Christmas is a time when you can finally read books without any limitations. The “I don’t have time” and “I don’t have the mood” excuses simply don’t work.

Books are among the gifs you have received, and you can’t decide which one to start with. You are already making plans for a new year, and reading more books is, as usual, on top of the list.

If you are looking for little reminders that reading is one of the greatest pleasures in life, Christmas ornaments that are made of paper book pages, look like books, or include books, will be a perfect solution.

Opposite to Christmas-specific decorations with snow and Santa Claus, book ornaments can be used in many other occasions.

You can place or hang them during a birthday party, a book club meeting, or a Sunday afternoon family gathering. You can decorate your home library or children’s room. Some literary decorations look like perfect talismans!

The following overview puts together the best book ornaments from Amazon and Etsy. If you visit any of these online stores, you will be surprised to find out how few book decorations are there. You were expecting to see hundreds, while you will see only dozens.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, start from the beginning by exploring the list of Top 100 bestselling ornaments on Amazon.

Best bookish decorations ornaments
The best bookish ornaments and decorations not only for Christmas holidays / Images: Amazon, Etsy

Best bookish decorations and ornaments

1. Harry Potter stacked books decoration

Harry Potter Christmas decor ornaments
Harry Potter stacked books little hanging decoration / Image: Amazon

From the official Hallmark Store comes a new Christmas ornament that looks like four mini Harry Potter books stacked on each other, with the Deathly Hallows on the top and a wand placed beneath it.

The ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree or in a reading nook. Its height is 2.75 inches (7 centimeters).

It’s like bringing a bit of your bookshelf to the tree!

– Producer’s description

Please note that this Harry Potter Christmas tree decoration is not available immediately. You will have to wait a few days until the item is ready for shipping.

2. Foldable Magic Library decoration

A Jacob's Ladder for book lovers - home decor ornament
Hand-painted miniature books Jacob’s ladder / Image: Amazon

Here is a brilliant little bookish ornament that would be used not only during Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It is a great gift idea for a librarian or a book lover in your life, and can be placed anywhere, from a bedside table, to an office desk, to a bookshelf in your home library.

Offered by Chronicle Books, the decoration is a hand-painted wooden Jacob’s ladder that looks like a stack of leather bound books.

This classic amusement uses optical illusion to inspire creativity.

– Producer’s description

Six classic titles are in the set, including The Great Gatsby, The Moby Dick, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

3. Colorful Book Lover decoration

Colorful Book Lover decoration ornament
Insanely colorful, hand-crafted “Book Lover” decoration / Image: Etsy

From Stacey McEvoy comes a wonderfully cheerful book decoration. The artist’s own illustration is printed onto the 4 mm responsibly sourced cherry veneer – a natural material with a natural wood grain.

The ornament measures 3 by 3 inches and is equipped with a red ribbon.

4. Bird crane made of book pages

Book Page Origami Bird Crane decoration
The crane made of pages of paper books – a perfect nursery item / Image: Amazon

This astonishing bird crane is created by Katiemade Origami Designs and consists of 10 cranes that are approximately 8 inches long wingtip to wingtip.

The crane is a perfect nursery item, and can be displayed over a crib or a changing table. It is, however, universal enough to be used as a Thanksgiving or Christmas table decoration. And there are tons of other ways to use it!

The crane includes the pages from books that were on their way to trash. The books come from many sources, so the books are from a wide variety of subjects.

The total length of this nursery mobile is approximately 27 inches.

5. Antique Bible Christmas ball decoration

Antique Bible book Christmas ball decoration
Glass ball decoration filled with strips of the reused copy of the Bible book / Image: Amazon

This round glass Christmas ball measures 2.62 inches across the widest point, and is fully filled with hand-curled strips of an antique copy of the Bible book.

This beautifully handmade Bible ornament is an ideal family keepsake, reminding you and your loved ones that Jesus truly is the reason for the season.

– Producer’s description

This beautiful and meaningful book decoration will arrive in a 3-inch gift box, so it’s a perfect holiday gift for a book lover in your life.

6. Girl Reading Jane Austen Book hanging ornament

Girl Reading Jane Austen decoration
Jane Austen reading girl cute decoration / Image: Amazon

If you are looking for a literary ornament that you could hang not only on a Christmas tree, take a look at this cure decoration showing a girl reading a Jane Austen book.

The ornament is carefully sculptured and hand-painted with a great attention to details. Measuring 4 by 3 inches, it is shipped in a cardboard gift box.

The girl is dressed in a Regency day dress, on which there is a text saying “If a book is well-written, I always find it too short.”

You can choose from either a blue or golden ribbon variant.

Our score: 7.5/10

7. Snowman Reading Books ornament

Snowman reading books bookish ornament
A snowman reading a book funny little ornament / Image: Amazon

Take a look at this bookish home decor from Midwest-CBK. It will not only bring direct association with winter and Christmas, but also cheer you up every time you look at it.

The ornament is made of resin polymer, and shows a snowman carefully reading a book. Glasses on his carrot nose, and a stack of books on the side.

The decoration can be placed on a desk or bedside table, but you can also hang it on a Christmas tree – it comes with a traditional ribbon hanger.

The reading snowman is one of the most affordable Christmas decorations on Amazon.

8. Folded book art for every occasion

Folded book art for every ocassion
An iconic folded book decoration. It can be made with your own initials / Image: Amazon

From Folded Books comes a wonderful piece of book art will be a perfect Christmas and Thanksgiving decoration, but will make you enjoy its look all year long.

This unique folded paper book can be made with the initials of your choice and a heart in between. When placing an order, simply use “Customize Now” yellow button to type the two letters you want to include in the final work.

You can place this bookish decoration in your reading nook, bedroom, living room, or home library. It also makes a great holiday gift for a pair of book lovers.

9. Jane Austen Books glass ornament

Jane Austen Books glass ornament
A glass plate with an image of book spines of classic books / Image: Amazon

Here is an entirely different Christmas ornament idea – a glass plate with an image showing a stack of classic Jane Austen books.

The image is semi-transparent. It will look very cool when placed in front of a Christmas tree lighting.

This Yule trimming for your Christmastide tree celebrates the writings of one Miss Jane Austen, lately of Winchester, Hampshire, and authoress of some small renown.

– Producer’s description

The ornament is 3.75-inch wide, is made of a thick glass, and comes with a red grosgrain ribbon.

10. Handmade vintage book page ornament

Vintage book page ornament decoration
A stylish hanging decoration made of pages from the reused book / Image: Etsy

If you are looking for book-themed hanging ornaments, you should explore Etsy. You can find here many home decor items, small and large, that are hand-crafted from pages of damaged books.

One of them is created by Julie Scutella. The ornament measures 4.5 × 3.5 inches, and consists of six beautiful book page flowers.

Each flower is about 2 inches across. The decoration comes with a cream ribbon and is ready to be placed on a Christmas tree. It can also add a touch of magic to your reading nook as well.

11. Love of Reading sculpted figure ornament

Love of Reading hand-sculped figure bookish ornament
A woman with a book hand-carved decoration / Image: Amazon

From the Willow Tree Store comes a bookish decoration that will make a great Christmas and Thanksgiving ornament.

The figure of a woman with an open book is hand-carved by artist Susan Lordi in her studio in Kansas City, MO.

The ornament comes with a brown elastic cord for hanging, and a stylish label with a text “open books, open minds.” The figure is packaged in a fitted box and is ready for gift-giving.

12. Vintage book garland decoration for every occasion

Book garland for home decoration
Book garland decoration for holidays and book club meetings / Image: Etsy

This beautiful garland is made of a variety of vintage book pages. Different ages and types of paper “bring several hues of cream and white to add variety to your garland and make it truly unique.”

The garland can be used in a plenty of situations: wedding, birthday party, or to decorate the children’s room. It will also be a great addition to a Christmas tree.

You can choose the length between 10 and 30 inches from a dropdown menu.

13. Christmas Is Coming wooden decoration

Christmas Is Coming book ornament
A clever hanging decoration referring to the iconic line from the Game of Thrones / Image: Amazon

This clever Christmas decoration is created in the style of a Game of Thrones.

The text says “Christmas is coming.” The decor is laser-engraved and laser-cut from 1/4 maple.

Unfortunately, no more information is provided by the producer.

14. Bookish pencil holder and desk organizer

Bookish home decoration not only for Christmas
A cute bookish desk organizer that looks like a stack of books / Image: Amazon

The organizer looks like a stack of ornate library books. The top part is a two-part pencil holder.

The book on the bottom is a pull-out drawer ideal for storing paper clips, rubber bands, or erasers.

This decorative pencil holder and desk organizer can be used all year long, and during Christmas, you can use it as a way to store gifts that are small.

Simply set this charming and useful storage rack on any desk, table, or counter to bring storage, organization, and style to any space.

– Producer’s description

15. Folded book art Christmas tree decoration

Folded book art Christmas tree decoration
A set of hanging decorations made of pages of old books / Image: Etsy

If you are looking for attention-catching ways to give your Christmas tree a bookish feel, take a look at the hanging ornament from Paper Statement.

The ornament is created from a damaged copy of an old book, and it is in a shape of a classic cylinder.

Note: The picture above shows several items, but the price is set for a single one. If you want to order a large quantity at a discount price, simply leave a message to a seller.

16. Festive Christmas Stack of Books decoration

Fesive Christmas Stack of Books ornament
Shiny little hanging decoration that looks like a stack of miniature books / Image: Amazon

This wonderful Christmas ornament from Old World Christmas Store is hand-crafted using traditional methods that originated in the early 19th century.

The ornament is extremely festive and elegant, showing a stack of books in typical Christmas colors: gold, red, wine, and pine green.

These Christmas tree ornaments are hand-painted and mouth-blown to provide you with a beautifully crafted and high-quality ornament.

– Producer’s description

A single ornament is 2.5-inch high, and is a great way to bring the happiness of Christmas to every corner of your home.

Our score: 8.0/10

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