14 premium but inexpensive Kindle 11 case covers (2023-24 edition)

Here are the best case covers that are compatible with the latest entry-level Kindle model. Which one are you going to get?

The latest, 11th-generation base Kindle model costs $99 and comes with a crisp 300 dpi display, fast USB-C port, 16 GB of storage, and a battery that lasts up to 6 weeks.

If you have decided to buy it, you are probably looking for a compatible case cover or another solution that will effectively protect your newest device.

Before we move to the list, ask yourself two questions:

Do I really want a Kindle 11? – maybe you should spend an extra $40 and get the waterproof, shiny Kindle Paperwhite instead?

Do I really need a Kindle cover? – maybe it’s time to try other solutions, and one of the most convenient ones is a decent sleeve that you could use with several devices, not just one?

The list below includes case covers from different producers and available not only on Amazon. They are all high quality products, but their prices are sometimes surprisingly low.

One trend to mention – and I’m very happy about it – is the birth of clear cases. They are a common way to protect tablets but so far were quite rare in the e-reader category. This overview features four best ones.

Please note that this list includes the covers that are compatible only with the entry-level Kindle 11 model released in 2022 – and not with Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, or Kindle Scribe.

Best case covers for Kindle 11 model

1. Clear case with screen protector

Kindle 11 2022 clear case with screen protection
Kindle 11 clear case with screen protection / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most affordable way to protect your Kindle’s screen

▸ Here is an alternative to the original Kindle cover offered by Amazon – and basically any other book-like cover. It’s a clear case that’s common for tablets not e-readers.

▸ The case package includes two parts. One is a back shell that’s made of transparent, durable and flexible plastic. It comes with tailored cutouts for the power button and USB-C port. Then, there is a screen protector that you can attach to the front.

▸ Opposite to classic Kindle covers, this solution protects the screen while you are actually using the device.

▸ The only disadvantage is that you have to manually press the power button every time you want to turn the Kindle on and off.

▸ This 2-in-1 Kindle case is the cheapest way to protect both the back and front. There is no need to buy an extra screen protector, which usually costs more than $10. The price at the time of writing this post is $24.99.

Our score: 8.4/10

2. Kindle 11 compatible Nupro Bookcover

Nupro Bookcover for Kindle 11th-generation e-reader
Nupro Bookcover for Kindle 11th-generation e-reader / Image: Amazon

▸ Nupro is the only long-established third-party case producer that’s featured in the official directory of Kindle Accessories

▸ Nupro case is a more affordable alternative to the Amazon-made Kindle cover. On the product page, there are not too many images, and the descriptions are very brief – that’s a rule with this brand.

▸ The case is slim and lightweight. It offers a classic book-style design with a support for auto sleep & wake feature.

▸ Color variants reflect the ones from the official fabric cover for the base Kindle 11. You can choose between Black, Blue, and Lavender. It’s worth noting that the same color is applied both to the front and back, including the shell case. 

▸ The price at the time of writing this post is set at $19.99.

3. Designer Kindle 11 cover with strong magnets

Floral affordable case cover for Amazon Kindle 11
Inexpensive floral case cover for Amazon Kindle 11 / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best designed case for basic Kindle 11

▸ If you want to get a classic folio case for your new Kindle 11, but want to have a unique design, take a look at the range from Ayotu.

▸ The case is extremely slim and lightweight, opens like a book, and has cutouts for the charging port and power button. It’s designed exclusively for Kindle 11, and won’t fit any other Kindle model.

▸ The magnets are stronger than in other cases. These magnets are used to wake up the device when you open the case, and put it to sleep on closing. They are also needed to keep the case closed when carrying it.

▸ There are fourteen designer variants to choose from, including the popular ones: Elephant, Library, Forest, Yellow Flowers, Horoscope, and my favorite Flower.

▸ The price at the time of updating this list is set at a promotional level $13.99, compared to the regular $29.99.

Our score: 8.1/10

4. Heavy-duty, transparent back case for Kindle 11

Heavy-duty transparent case for basic Kindle 11
Heavy-duty transparent case for basic Kindle 11 / Image: Amazon

▸ Here is another back shell case that’s made exclusively for the 11th-generation Kindle. It’s offered by MoKo – one of the most trusted producers of Kindle and tablet cases on Amazon.

▸ The most prominent feature of this particular case is increased protection. Raised edges make your Kindle more resistant to damage caused by drops and bumps. Plus there are striped side edges to prevent the Kindle from sliding out of your hand.

▸ The case is easy to install as it’s made of a flexible polyurethane. Precise cutouts let you access the power button and USB-C port easily. The plastic is not only soft and flexible, but also resists yellowing.

▸ Clear cases let you admire your Kindle’s beauty all the time!

▸ The case is one of the most affordable solutions if you are looking to protect your Kindle 11. It costs only $10.99.

5. Kindle 11 compatible sleeve with external pocket

Kindle 11 compatible fabric sleeve with pocket
Kindle 11 compatible fabric sleeve with pocket / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best sleeve case for Kindle 11

▸ If you can’t find a perfect case for your Kindle, you can always go for a sleeve. Sleeves will serve you much longer than just for one Kindle model. What’s even more important, you can use them interchangeably if you have more than one device.

▸ TiMOVO offers a universal sleeve design that’s compatible with all 6-inch Kindle models. It will also fit Kindle Paperwhite 5.

▸ It’s made of premium environment-friendly polyester material that’s water resistant, sturdy and very durable. As a result, you can effectively keep your Kindle protected from water, dust, drops or bumps.

▸ A large pocket on the front is perfect to store your earphones (if you listen to audiobooks on your Kindle) or a smartphone.

▸ You can choose from several colors and patterns, including Bodhi Green, Light Pink, Dreamy Nebula, and Purple.

▸ The price is set at $17.99, and, unfortunately, it rarely goes down.

Our score: 8.0/10

6. Elegant sleeve made from biodegradable felt

Elegant Kindle 11 sleeve made from biodegradable felt
Elegant Kindle 11 sleeve made from biodegradable felt / Image: Etsy

▸ Here is another idea if you started considering getting a sleeve instead of a dedicated case cover.

▸ Based in Trier, Germany, Stilbag offers on Etsy a slim sleeve that’s made of high quality 3 mm Merino felt which is non-flammable, water repellent, and wrinkle free.

▸ Most importantly, felt is a natural and biodegradable material that you should consider if you plan to limit the use of plastic in your life.

▸ The sleeve comes in a variety of color combinations: you can combine the color of felt, inner layer, and a strap.

▸ As all products on Etsy are made to order, you can writer down in a message to seller that you want the sleeve to fit Kindle 11 model, released in 2022. Make sure to provide the dimensions, as well: 157.8 × 108.6 × 8.0 mm.

▸ The sleeve costs $24 – surprisingly low as for the hand-crafted artisan product.

7. Solid folio cover with a hand-strap

Solid folio case for basic Kindle 11th-generation
Solid folio case for basic Kindle 11th-generation / Image: Amazon

▸ On the opposite side of clear back shells there are folio covers that are crafted similarly to classic book binding.

▸ A folio case offers a solid, rather bulky design, with a multilayer construction that includes a faux leather on the outside and soft microfiber inside. A thick design is there on purpose: it effectively protects not only against scratches but also bumps and drops.

▸ Your Kindle is being kept in place using a flexible frame. It’s a convenient solution if you want to use the case with more than one device. It’s enough that both e-readers have similar dimensions and proportions.

▸ The cover is available in four colors: Black, Magnolia, Mixed Pink, and Gray Forest.

▸ This folio case cover costs $15.99, and is one of the most popular choices for Kindle 11 so far.

Our score: 8.0/10

8. Origami standing case for Kindle 11

Origami standing cover for Kindle 11th-generation
Origami standing cover for Kindle 11th-generation / Image: Amazon

▸ Are there origami geeks around? A dedicated origami cover is available for the 11th-generation Kindle!

▸ The case features a classic origami construction that lets you fold the front to form a stand you can place on a desk for hands-free reading. You can have the stand in either a portrait or landscape mode.

▸ Please note that origami stands are generally quite unstable and therefore can be only used on flat and even surfaces such as a desk or laptop table.

▸ The magnets in the front support the Kindle’s auto sleep & wake feature. The case is slim and lightweight, with a soft microfiber interior to protect against scratches.

▸ There are three colors to choose from: Dark Green, Dark Blue, and Black.

▸ The price at the time of writing this post is set at $19.99. We have not recorded any price cuts yet.

9. Stable vertical standing case for Kindle 11

Fintie Kindle 11 compatible vertical standing case
Fintie Kindle 11 compatible vertical standing case / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best standing case for Kindle 11

▸ If you want to read hands-free on uneven surface – on a sofa or in bed – you should either get an accessory for hands-free reading or a dedicated vertical standing case.

▸ Such a case is offered by Fintie, one of the most trusted third-party case producers. It folds back through the top, so you can easily form a stable stand with a large base – and use it on your laps or put on a blanket.

▸ Actually, you can even set up the angle that suits you the most. You can choose from three positions.

▸ Magnetic clasp ensures that the cover securely closes, so there is no need to use the strap covering the front.

▸ As the case comes with a leather frame to hold the device in place, you should be able to use it with any other 6-inch Kindle model.

▸ You can choose from four colors, including Lilac Marble and Love Tree.

▸ The price is $19.99 at the time of writing this post.

10. “Magic Book” Kindle 11 cover from KleverCase

KleverCase Magic Book cover for Kindle 11
KleverCase Magic Book cover for Kindle 11 / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best classic-looking cover for Kindle 11

▸ Maybe the time of e-reader covers looking like old books is over. Maybe it’s not. Especially when I see cases from KleverCase.

▸ These vintage-style cases are handmade in England using high-quality UK sourced materials and traditional bookbinding techniques. They look like being hand-crafted from leather and metal – while it’s the high-resolution image that creates this stunning effect.

▸ Each case comes with a traditional interior endpaper and bookplate showing that it was handmade in England at the KleverCase bindery.

▸ The cases can be used with all 6-inch Kindle models, as well as the 6.8-inch Paperwhite. They don’t support auto sleep & wake as the magnets in each Kindle model are in different positions.

▸ However, you can use the case’s built-in magnets to fold ir completely and keep it this way when reading.

▸ The current method of holding the device in place is with a strong adhesive pad that you attach to the back of your Kindle. The pad doesn’t leave stains when you remove your e-reader from the case.

▸ You can choose from ten insanely beautiful designs, including Magic Book, Pride & Prejudice, Grimoire Magic, and Vintage Flowers.

▸ The price for each of these masterpieces is surprisingly low – $29.95 at the time of updating this overview.

Our score: 8.3/10

11. Vintage “Composition Book” cover for Kindle 11

Composition Book Kindle 11 case cover
Composition Book Kindle 11 case cover / Image: Amazon

▸ Notebooks with the iconic pseudo-marbling design, called “composition books,” started appearing in Europe in the 18th century. The design was never copyrighted, so it can be used and modified by anyone.

▸ This iconic artwork is among most sought after case designs on Amazon, and is offered for several devices. Fintie, our favorite case producer, created the design for a case tailored for Kindle 11.

▸ This slimshell case offers a lightweight design with auto sleep & wake support. Magnetic clasp ensures the cover is securely closed without straps covering the front.

▸ The case is offered also in other popular designs: Blooming Hibiscus, Ocean Marble, and Jungle Night.

▸ The price is currently down to $17.99, but when there are enough ratings and reviews it will go back to $29.99.

12. Fashionable smart cover for Kindle 11

Slim futuristic case cover for Kindle 11
Slim futuristic case cover for Kindle 11 / Image: Amazon

▸ Some cases are unique because of their color combination, printed artwork, or innovative design. Others are crafted with attention to details that make them look fashionable or futuristic.

▸ CoBak offers on Amazon a series of slim smart covers for the latest basic Kindle. They have everything other slim cases offer: a fully-folding front, soft interior, or support for auto sleep & wake.

▸ What makes CoBak cases exceptional is a texture and finish. When you take a closer look, you will see a futuristic pattern on the outside – you can say it’s leather-like but it’s actually something much more interesting.

▸ There are several models to choose from, some with classic colors and artworks.

▸ The regular price is set at $19.99, but some variants (for instance Black) are currently offered for a ridiculously low $5.99. Anyway, the promotion will be over by the time you visit this link.

13. Slim and fingerprint proof clear case

Ultraslim cheap Kindle 11 clear case
Ultraslim cheap Kindle 11 clear case / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The slimmest Kindle 11 case you can get

▸ If you are ready to try a clear cover on your new Kindle 11 e-reader, make sure to check out another model from MoKo – an ultra-lightweight, translucent case that’s splash, scratch, and dust proof.

▸ The company claims that the case is also fingerprint proof. It means your fingerprints won’t be visible on it, so there is no need to clean the Kindle too often.

▸ A cool thing about this clear case (well, any clear case) is that you can personalize it the way you want by just adding your favorite sticker or stickers to the back.

▸ The design is extremely thin and minimalist. It feels like holding the Kindle itself. Plus you can admire the beauty of your e-reader all the time.

▸ The price is set at $9.99 – one of the best solutions for a tiny budget.

Our score: 8.1/10

14. Original fabric cover for Kindle 11 (deal price)

Original Amazon Kindle 11 fabric cover range
Original Amazon Kindle 11 fabric cover range / Images: Amazon, photo composition: Ebook Friendly

▸ There is no point in including original accessories in round-ups like this. Users know Amazon covers by heart, and they often consider getting them in the first place.

▸ However, all original Kindle 11 case covers are on sale at the time of preparing this list. For instance, the fabric cover (available in Black, Dark Emerald, Denim, and Rose) costs $25.99 instead of $29.99 (save 13%).

▸ Make it a rule to never buy a Kindle case during Black Friday, Prime Day, or other major shopping events. At that time, most cases are offered at regular prices – because users who just got a new Kindle desperately need protection.

▸ If you plan to buy a specific Kindle model, you can get a relevant case before or after the shopping event. Even a few days can make a difference! By the way, these covers were 25% off last weekend.

Best Kindle 11 case covers available this year / Images: Amazon

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