Like-new Kindle Scribe models are now available for only $240

If you are hunting for a Kindle Scribe deal and accept the refurbished quality, you can get Amazon’s most advanced e-reader for at least $100 less.

A refurbished Kindle is the one that has been returned by a customer and tested by Amazon for functionality and defects.

The software is updated by Amazon to the latest available version, and the device comes with the same limited warranty as a new device.

If you accept the refurbished status of the device, you can save a significant amount of money – as soon as you know such a device is available.

The best destination to shop for refurbished Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets is the home page of Amazon Device Deals, where are currently discounted new and refurbished models appear.

Amazon Device Deals right now / Screenshot: Amazon

Currently, Amazon is offering a deal on refurbished Kindle Scribe models. A deal on refurbished devices? Don’t refurbished devices are a deal already?

Yes, they are always cheaper than the new ones, but even they are subject to price cuts – what’s happening right now.

For instance, the Kindle Scribe with the most affordable configuration (16 GB plus Basic Pen), in the “like-new” condition, costs today only $235. On the product page, you will read that its list price is $285 – but it’s the list price of the refurbished model. The new one costs $340.

In other words, you don’t save $50 but $105, if you compare the like-new model to the new one.

There is also the refurbished Kindle Scribe with 64 GB and Premium Pen, which costs $280 instead of $420, which means you save $140.

Is it better to buy the refurbished Kindle Scribe now or wait for the autumn edition of Prime Day 2023?

Having in mind that Kindle Scribe (16 GB with the Basic Pen) was $255 during Prime Day Summer Edition 2023, you can’t expect the much lower price this year for a new device.

The deal on the refurbished Kindle Scribe will let you save $20 more right now.

The only disadvantage is the unboxing moment that won’t raise your adrenaline level. Refurbished Amazon devices are being shipped in generic Amazon-branded boxes.

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