New features have just been added to Send to Kindle

The improvements were made to pdf documents with preserved original layout, as well as files in epub and other formats.

Amazon is right now sending out emails to Kindle users informing about two major improvements made to the Send to Kindle feature.

These changes apply to documents that are being added to your Kindle library through the Kindle e-reader or the app for iOS, Android, and Mac.

Improvements to pdf files

First of all, from now on, if you import a pdf file with the “Keep original layout” option enabled, the imported document will support text selection, search, and hyperlinks.

You will be able to highlight the text, as well as make text notes. Smart Lookup feature will also work in this document.

Improvements to epub, html, txt, and rtf files

Do you want to add to your Kindle library a file in epub, htm, html, txt or rft file format, or a doc, docx or pdf with “Make layout adjustable” enabled?

The new feature will let you benefit from Page Flip on your Kindle or in a Kindle app. Page turn animation is now also supported, as well as some Enhanced Typesetting features.

Page Flip is an advanced Kindle book navigation feature that makes it easy to explore books without loosing your latest read position.

Send to Kindle is Amazon’s free tool that allows you to send documents to your Kindle library on your Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet, or Kindle app. 

You can upload documents through the web, an authorized email address, the Kindle app for iOS and Android devices, or a Send to Kindle application (if available). 

It’s worth highlighting that all documents sent through Send to Kindle are protected with end-to-end encryption.

Note: Just a reminder that since the beginning of 2023 you can’t add mobi files to your Kindle. Epub is now the file format that’s accepted by Amazon.

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