Prime members can now save up to $130 on the Kindle Scribe bundle

The bundle which includes the Kindle Scribe 64 GB, Premium Pen, and fabric folio case costs now $370 instead of $500.

If you are hunting for a reasonable Kindle Scribe deal, you know that it’s not easy to spot the one that’s worth grabbing.

Unless you start thinking about the Kindle Scribe based bundle.

Usually, Kindle bundles are cheaper by more than 10% than the sum of their parts. But sometimes, these bundles go on sale, as well.

And this is the big time for Kindle Scribe bundles. Out of nowhere, Amazon decided to slash their prices by 25%. There is one condition, though: you have to be an active Prime member.

If you are, you can save between $115 and $130 on every single Kindle Scribe bundle that’s offered on Amazon right now.

The lowest price – $305 – is offered for the bundle that includes:

  • Kindle Scribe with 16 GB of storage and a Basic Pen
  • Amazon’s original fabric folio in Black, Denim or Rose
  • Amazon’s original power adapter

You save $115 on the bundle with these specs, but you can pick up a model with larger internal memory and save even more.

For instance, the Kindle Scribe bundle with the 64 GB on board and premium Pen costs today $370 instead of $500 – just make sure to select a relevant option to see the final deal price for this variant.

Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s most advanced device. It combines the reading experience of a Kindle with the writing capabilities of a notebook. It features a large 10.2-inch display with a stylus that allows you to write and sketch directly on the screen.

What are you going to do with your savings? What about getting a hands-free accessory or a decent Kindle Scribe case cover?

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